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The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 5)

The Town of Lantern



The Dragon claw team had been dispatched to the remote town of “Lantern” to begin this curious Phase 2 of the Dragon claw project. Garth Bladenshiff had made it clear that this project’s intention was never about just Self defense, and the next logical step was branching out to try and bring some measure of peace to the entire area. This meant answering a distress beacon that had been sent by the town of Lantern, a request for help after a mad man had mysteriously seized control of the massive energy reactor which gave the town its name.

Once they had arrived, it was clear that the town of Lantern was in dire straits, as the lack of power had rendered them defenseless to whatever threat happened. by. Shortly after setting down, Several robots appeared out of the brush in combat formation and had started moving towards the town, obviously with the intent to inflict damage and bodily harm. They were led by a massive battle bot that towered over the others, and in the ensuing fight nearly vaporized one of the dragonclaw team members had it not been for a last minute twist of fate.

After The dragonclaw team had dealt with the others, and the smaller bots were scrapped, they then turned their attention to the larger bot. It shrugged off several attacks, but was finally hit with a penetrating strike that brought it down just before the gates of Lantern itself. The townsfolk cheered, after they had fled screaming into the hollow safety of their defenseless town, but everyone understood they were not out of the woods yet.

The town of Lantern itself is a huge cluster of houses built of everything from mudbrick to metal hull plates and everything in between. The narrow streets are scattered with Horse drawn carts and rebuilt hover bikes that move people around and goods to the central market. there are fewer hover transports, or any form of transport that requires power, as the Lantern power generator has been disabled, and fusion batteries have not been able to be recharged in nearly two weeks. The wreckage of the previous battle with the strange robots and their hulking assault robot leader were picked over by scavengers from the town and everyone was grateful for what the team had done, but were still understandably on edge.

There was also the revelation that this mysterious madman is in fact, Roman Breban.. Uncle to Dragomir Breban, one of the Dragonclaw team members. Upon learning that his family were involved in this, Dragomir went bezerk and simply repeated over and over again.. “You don’t understand.. I am the white sheep of the family.. and now they are here.. and they are going to ruin everything..”

The Dragonclaw team, also learned that one of the council who lead this town, a human technomancer named Konnor Bhaine went under the mountain to try and stop this madman, but has not returned. A female Dwarf named Trelga Stalwart has offered a substantial reward if Konnor could be brought back alive. Either way, if he is alive, they would like him returned, and Roman needs to be dealt with.. if he is dead, then they would like his body returned and his death avenged upon Roman Breban if possible.


Episode 5

Once the Dragonclaw team had finally reached the town of Lantern, they were led to a series of converted cargo containers that had been repurposed into a bar and Motel called the “Foundry.” The place was normally run by a Technomancer named Konnor Bhaine, but since he had disappeared going after Roman, it was being run by his adopted daughter.. Valleria. She was working hard to repair one of the robot drones that were exact duplicates of the ones who had attacked the Dragon claw team just outside of town, except they were hundreds of years old. The ones which had attacked were brand new.

As the Dragonclaws questioned her and tried to get some more information, Roman Breban sent a signal to the entire town, threatening that if they did not construct a temple for his new God.. a strange being called.. “Entropos the Infernal.” within three days, then he would send a power surge through the lantern that would fry the entire town. He also spoke to his nephew.. Dragomir in Romanian for several seconds, probably to curse or taunt him.

By this point, Dragomir was becoming increasingly on edge, and there were some of the team who were having serious doubts about his ability to stay on task. Perhaps this was why Roman was choosing to taunt him. Knowing full well that with his temper, he would not be able to hold back for long before he took a shot at, or tried to injure one of the team who had arrived with Dragomir. Either way, After a minor altercation where the Romanian and the Atlantean almost started firing their weapons at one another, the situation slowly winded down before anyone was killed.

Shortly after the Townsfolk asked if the Dragon claws could help with their filtration system, unfortunately, there was little they could do, as the device was constructed by a technomancer and was beyond the skills of any of the Dragonclaws present. They contacted the base, and asked if someone could be sent out, and DC command informed them that someone would be sent to try and assist, but it was important that they got the power back ASAP.. as it would only be a patch job, and not a long term solution.

After gearing up, The Dragonclaw team headed to the lagoon in the center of town next to the massive artificial hill. After swimming through a 50’ corridor underwater.. they emerged into a complex series of caverns that ended in what looked like a ramshackle town constructed underneath Lantern itself. Hidden among the rocks were a clan of Psi-stalkers who had been waiting for someone to come along. They had taken up positions and readied their weapons before delivering an ultimatum to the Team.

Let us drain you, and you can walk away.

Vance stepped forward.. fully intent on blasting them, when suddenly the psychic energy was absorbed by one of the psi-stalkers.. their leader was apparently some sort of Nega-psychic, and was absorbing the energy from all around him as he raised his hand from where he was hiding. At that point, the conflict took on an acute urgency, as the psychic energy of any team members was drawn off harmlessly into their leader’s hand. Dragomir launched a plasma grenade and vaporized the leader’s cover.. and before he could find somewhere else to hide, The Atlantean had used his Sunbow to plant an enchanted arrow directly in his forehead and burning a hole straight through his brain. The stalker was killed instantly, but his clan fought on to the bitter end. They used heavy rifles and grenades to bash and rain down destruction on the dragonclaws, but once the tide had turned, they were doomed. The Dragonclaws turned the ambush, and one by one started killing the Stalkers until only one remained left alive. Seeing that everyone else was dead, he threw down his weapon, but not before Dragomir, in a fit of vengeful rage, almost beat him to death before the others were able to pull him away.

Apparently Roman had promised them psychic rich targets coming this way, unfornately for them.. these targets had powers that were meant to destroy.

The Dragonclaw team policed the grounds as they interrogated the prisoner and tried to prep themselves to move deeper towards the Core. On one side of the chamber, is a massive wall that could only be the outer hull of a massive starship that had crashed several hundred years ago. There were two doors, but Roman had blocked the door behind him, which meant the long way around was the only way to get at the Renegade .. and the clock is still ticking for Lantern

Can the hero’s save them in time?

What happened to Konnor, and his still alive?

What is this connection between Dragomir and Roman.?

What is the connection between the droids?



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