"Bad Bad" Terrence Clay





Terrence Clay was the 13th of 14 children born to
a poor farmer in Kentucky. When Terrence was 12,
his father (to rid himself of one more mouth to feed)
indentured Terrence off to a traveling magician. This
magician was a Shifter in need of a servant/assistant to
tend to his daily needs (such as cooking and cleaning).
Although many of Terrence’s chores were menial,
the mage did pass on much of his magic knowledge
to Terrence. Eventually, the mage met his demise due
to summoning something that disagreed with him and
Terrence suddenly found himself free.
Since then, he has followed the path of his mentor
as a freelance Shifter. It is unknown who first gave
him the nickname of “Bad, Bad Terrence Clay.”

"Bad Bad" Terrence Clay

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