Bob McCrory

Crazie Hero Soldier




Bob McCrory was born and raised in Kingsdale.
After serving his time in the Kingsdale militia to pay
them back for his M.O.M. implants, Bob headed west
to make his fortune. It was on one of these western adventures
that Bob saved the life of a Yhabbayar (who
then rewarded Bob with a magic Bubble Axe).

1. Phobia: Ley Lines (avoids them whenever
2. Affective Disorder: Trauma Induced Migraine
(from high stress situations). Penalties: -1 on all
combat moves, -10% on skill performance, and
-10% to Spd.
3. Frenzy (from Intense Pain). Occurs when all
S.D.C. and/or approximately half his Hit Points are
depleted. Bob flies into an uncontrollable rage. Bonuses
& abilities: +1 attack per melee round, +30 to
S.D.C., +1 to strike, parry, dodge, & roll with impact,
Spd is increased by 30%, and +1D6 to damage
by ALL physical attacks.
4. Obsession: with the Coalition States (player’s
choice as to how this obsession manifests itself).

Bob McCrory

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