Eve Shenarion

The Gunslinging Elven Mystic


Palladium Stats:

Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 180Lbs.
Alignment: Unprincipled
O.C.C./R.C.C.: Mystic
Level: 2nd
Experience: 2,051/ 4,100

I.Q.: 15
M.E.: 13
M.A.: 9
P.S.: 19 (4 hand to hand combat damage )
P.P.: 28 (7 parry/dodge, 7 bonus to strike )
P.E.: 18 (6% save vs coma/death, 2 save vs magic/poison )
P.B.: 27 (83% Charm/Impress)
Spd.: 14 (10 MPH, 15 kph)

S.D.C.: 10
Hit Points: 22
P.P.E.: 86
I.S.P.: 50

O.C.C. Skills:
Language: Dragonese/Elf (98%)
Literacy: Dragonese/Elf (98%)
Language: American (71%)
Language: Spanish (71%)
Language: Faerie Speak (71%)
Dance (60%)
Horsemanship: General (59%)
Land Navigation (56%)
Lore: Magic (50%)
Lore: Cattle & Animals (50%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters (50%)
Lore: Faeries & Creatures of Magic (50%)
Philosophy (60%)
Musical Instrument (Piano/Keyboard) (55%)
Musical Instrument (Violin) (55%)
Wilderness Survival (57%)

O.C.C. Related Skills:
Literacy: American (45%)
First Aid (60%)
Prowl (35%)
Basic Math (75%)
ID Undercover Agents (53%)
Seduction (35%)
Streetwise (33%)

Secondary Skills:
See Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Proficiencies:
Quick Draw
Energy Pistol
Energy Rifle

R.C.C. Features:
Nightvision – 100 ft.; See in total darkness

O.C.C. Features
Sense Supernatural Evil
Open Oneself to the Supernatural

Category: Major Psionic
Clairvoyance (60% Success) (4 ISP)
Commune with Spirits (6 ISP)
Exorcism (35% Success/28% Banishment) (10 ISP)
Sixth Sense (2 ISP)
Suppress Fear (8 ISP)
Psychic Diagnosis (4 ISP)
Psychic Surgery (14 ISP)
Mask ISP and Psionics (7 ISP)
Mask PPE (4 ISP)
Intuitive Combat (10 ISP)

Spell Strength: 1
Death Trance (1 PPE)
See Aura (6 PPE)
See the Invisible (4 PPE)
Sense Evil (2 PPE)
Sense Magic (4 PPE)
Fear (Horror Factor 16) (5 PPE)
Levitation (5 PPE)
Thunderclap (Horror Factor 8) (4 PPE)
Armor of Ithan (10 PPE)
Ignite Fire (6 PPE)
Invisibility: Simple (6 PPE)
Mystic Fulcrum (5 PPE)

TK Revolver (2D6 M.D.; 6 Shots; 150 ft.; 3 P.P.E./6 I.S.P. to reload)
Wilks 237 Pistol (Single Shot 3D6 M.D./3-Shot Burst 6D6 M.D.; 16 Shots [8 with Bursts]; 500 ft.)
Wilks 457 Laser Pulse Rifle (Single Shot 3D6 M.D./1D6x10 3-Round Burst; 30 shots [10 with Burst]; 2000 ft.)
Vibro-Sword (2D6 M.D.)
N.G. A8 Scout Armor
50 M.D.C.

Savage Worlds Stats

Current XP: 6

Attributes & Derived Stats:
Agility: d8
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d8
Strength: d6
Vigor: d4
Charisma: +2
Parry: 4
Pace: 6
Toughness: 9
Strain: n/a

Fighting: d4
Healing: d6
Knowledge (Arcana): d6
Knowledge (Medicine): d6
Notice: d4+2
Shooting: d6
Streetwise: d6+2
Language (American): d6
Language (Dragonese/Elven): d6
Language (Spanish): d4
Mysticism: d8
Psionics: d6

Vow (Never trust the Coalition)
Phobia (Spiders) – Major
Phobia (Bugs) – Minor

Arcane Background (Miracles)
Arcane Background (Psionics)
Master of Magic
Rapid Recharge
Danger Sense

Wilks 237 Pistol (Range: 15/30/60; Damage: 2d6+1; AP 4; ROF 1; Wt 3 lbs; Semi-Auto, 16 Shots)
Wilks 457 Pulse Laser Rifle (Range: 40/80/160; Damage: 3d6+2; AP 3; ROF 2; Wt. 6 lbs; Semi-Auto, 3RB, 36 Shots)
TK Revolver (Range 12/24/48; Damage: 2D6+2; AP4; ROF 1; Wt: 6 lbs; Revovler, can "Fan the Hammer [Rapid Attack]; 6 shots
Vibro-Sword (Melee; Damage: Str+10; AP 4; Wt. 9 lbs; Mega-Damage)

NG Maverick (Armor: 4; Toughness 1; Weight 10 lbs)

NG-S2 Survival Kit (30 lbs)

PPE: 20; ISP 10
Fear (PPE: 5; Range: Smarts x2; Duration: Instant; Effect: Large Burst Template, Fear check -2; Extras are Panicked)
Banish (PPE: 3; Range: Smarts; Duration: Instant; Effect: Success target is shaken; Raise target is fully banished)
Greater Healing: (PPE: 10; Range: Touch; Duration: Instant; 10 PPE – Heal & Status Removal, 20 PPE – Remove Injury)
Invisiblity (PPE 5; Range: Self; Duration: 3 [1/round]; -4 to Notice rolls/-6 with raise)
Clairvoyance: (ISP: 3; Range: Varies; Duration: 3 [1/round]; Success – Spirit x10 miles; Success with Raise – Spirit x100 miles)
Puppet (ISP: 3; Range: Smarts; Duration: 3 [1/round]; Psionics vs. Spirit – Assume Direct Control
Mind Reading (ISP: 3; Range: Smarts; Duration: 1; Success – 1 Truthful Answer; Success with Raise – 1 Truthful Answer and no detection)

Iconic Framework Bonuses/Drawbacks
Cosmic Confluence: Can transfer 2 ISP to PPE, and Vice Versa
Detect Arcana at Will
Spiritual Channel: Use Divination at will; must roll Vigor to avoid taking fatigue. Fatigue can only be removed with eight hours of rest.
Arcane Duality: Must decide if future bonuses through advances go to psionics or magic.
No cybernetics
Enemy of the Coalition States and the True Federation of Magic
Higher Standard: Must take Major Vow, Code of Conduct, or Major Pacifist drawback

Heroic Path:
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets – TK Revolver (Roll of 19)
Experience & Wisdom – Quick Edge (Roll of 9)
Magic & Mysticism – +5 PPE (Roll of 4)
Psionics – Extra Power (Roll of 9)
Training – Professional Edge (Roll of 7)


In Cosmo Town, a small humble city in the remains of New Mexico in the year 82 PA, there lived a small family of elves. They have taken a liking to the quiet remote town, away from the depressing and dangerous lands of the Coalition States and their hatred for all things non-human. The family of elves was quite small, the husband and wife and a grandma. Fortunately the small family was blessed enough to have a daughter, who they named Eve. For a while, the family was very happy, until Eve’s mom and dad left Cosmo Town for some unknown purpose.

They never returned. It was left to Eve’s grandmother, Camilla to raise the young elf girl. Eve’s parents never explained why they had to leave, but the 500+ old elf had a pretty good idea, and better to keep Eve out of it.

Typically most elves are quiet, docile, polite and cultured, even in their youth. However, Eve was a bit different. She was rambunctious, devious and very mischievous. She loved to play pranks on many of the villagers and their kids. This unfortunately, left her without any friends. The other parents wished Eve’s grandmother Camilla to scold her granddaughter, but for whatever reason she refused. Not that Camilla was a bad parent, she is…a little odd too, and has more than certainly earned the title of the town’s “Crazy lady.”
Eve’s family, as far as Eve was told by her grandmother, is part of a long line of powerful Mystics. Camilla herself is one, her mother was one, and little Eve was showing signs of the gift. She would tell Camilla about the strange dreams she has, only to find out that they were events of other people, in times that have come and gone or have yet to be determined. Camilla told her that this gift of clairvoyance was a family trait, and it would be a powerful ally of hers, once she learns to control it. Eve learned to use magic quickly, her favorite spell was invisibility, as it helped so much in her pranks with the other villagers.

When Eve was five, a new stranger had entered the town. He was a young boy, though much older than Eve. He had rode in with one of Cosmo Town’s resident Cyber-Knights, Sir Jack O’Sullivan. The boy was quite odd though, the boy always seemed to be wearing a helmet on his head. She was quite perplexed with the boy, already scheming to steal the helmet off of him! It turns out the Bucket-headed boy was to be trained as a Cyber-Knight too. To test the boy’s resolve, Mr. Jack (as Eve would like to call O’Sullivan), asked Eve herself to play the ultimate game of hide and seek with the young boy, who was named Bob. Given carte blanche to make it as hard as possible for young Bob to catch her and bring her back to the Cyber-Knights, Eve threw every prank and trick in the proverbial book to make him miserable. Any lesser man would have given up within a day, but this young Cyber-Squire would simply NOT give up, regardless of how much pain and misery the mischievous elf inflicted on him.

The game continued for several weeks, the boy nearling the sheer limit of his resolve. By the end of the third week, Bob was about ready to throw in the towel, however the little elf was so impressed by his tenacity, she did something she thought she would never do, she gave up. She led him right back to the Cyber-Knights, conceding defeat. Mr. Jack smiled and nodded, certain that the young Boy was going to grow up to be a great Cyber-Knight one day.

Eve and Bob became very good friends after those fateful first weeks. The years passed as they went on many adventures together. The little elf continued to prank Bob and get him into trouble, and in certain cases Bob pranked her right back. Regardless, they always simply laughed it right off and went back to their training and adventures. Seven years of hard work and bliss passed, with Bob now 18 years old and Eve 11 years. The Cyber-Knights summoned Bob for one last test, to have him summon his own Psi-Sword! It was meant to be a solemn event for the Cyber-Knights only, but Eve made sure she snuck to their secret meeting site to see Bob complete his training. To Eve’s silent amazement, she watched Bob bring forth his glowing blue Psi-Sword in his hand. Yet before the celebrations started, the Cyber-Knights were alerted to a disturbance back at Cosmo Town. They all quickly saddled up and rode back to the town, poor Eve who remained hidden, had to run back to town in order to catch up.

By the time Eve made it to where the Cyber-Knights were, the disturbance had already finished. Bob was blown through a building, many of the Cyber-Knights were wounded, and her friend, Mr. Jack, was dead. All she saw was the billowing cape of a black rider leaving town. Bob was a different person that night, which distressed Eve. His training over, he needed to go to the hidden fortress of the Cyber-Knights for one last ritual to fully make him a Knight, but Bob swore he would find that black knight and avenge Sir Jack O’Sullivan. Bob was prepared to leave that night. Eve pleaded with him not to go after the black knight, but Bob left the next day, and never returned to Cosmo Town.

Despite completing her initial trials as a budding Mystic, Eve spent the next seven years still thinking about Sir Bob and where he was. Now 18, and at Camilla’s urging, wanted Eve to go out on her own from Cosmo Town. As a mystic, she needed to find out where she belonged in the cosmic order of life; she would go develop her powers, find her place, and then if Camilla is lucky, perhaps bring back grandkids. She knew that she would want to find her friend and bring him home, and that’s exactly what Eve set out to do.

Eve Shenarion

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