Sir Robert "Bob" Hightower

The Eternally Helmeted Cyber-Knight


Palladium Stats:

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 210 Lbs.
Alignment: Principled
O.C.C./R.C.C.: Cyber-Knight
Level: 2nd
Experience: 2,141 / 4,280

I.Q.: 14
M.E.: 17 (1 to save vs psionics, 1 to save vs insanity )
M.A.: 18( 50% trust/intimidate )
P.S.: 20 (4 hand to hand combat damage )
P.P.: 17 (1 parry/dodge, 1 bonus to strike )
P.E.: 21 ( 12% save vs coma/death, 3 save vs magic/poison )
P.B.: 11
Spd.: 12 (8 MPH, 13 kph)

S.D.C.: 73
Hit Points: 31
P.P.E.: 25
I.S.P.: 59

O.C.C. Skills:
Literacy: American (70%)
Language: American (97%)
Language: Dragonese/Elf (97%)
Anthropology (55%)
Body Building
Climbing (65%)
– Rapelling (55%)
Horsemanship: Cyber-Knight (75%/56%)
Land Navigation (52%)
Lore: Demons & Monsters (50%)
Paramedic (60%)
Swimming (70%)

O.C.C. Related Skills:
Detect Ambush (45%)
Radio: Basic (50%)
Field Armorer & Munitions Expert (55)
Weapon Systems (55%)
Wilderness Survival (45%)
Lore: D-bees (40%)
History: Post-Apocalypse (50%45%)

Secondary Skills:
Literacy: Dragonese/Elf (35%)
Basic Electronics (35%)
Basic Mechanics (35%)
Recognize Weapon Quality (30%)
Pilot: Hovercycle (73%)
Law: General (40%)

Weapon Proficiencies:
Energy Pistol
Energy Rifle
Heavy M.D. Weapons

O.C.C. Features:
Cyber-Knight Zen Combat:
Level One: The Basics
Level Two: Paired Weapons

Category: Master Psionic
Create Psi-Sword (0 ISP)
Create Psi-Shield (80 M.D.C.) (15 I.S.P.)
Meditation (0 I.S.P.)
Healing Touch (2D4 hit points/2D6 S.D.C.) (6 I.S.P.)
Exorcism (35% Exorcism/28% Banishment) (10 I.S.P)
Mind Block (4 I.S.P.)
Summon Inner Strength (4 I.S.P.)
Telekenesis (I.S.P Varies)
Intuitive Combat (10 I.S.P)
Sense Evil (2 I.S.P.)
Hypotic Suggestion (6 I.S.P.)

NG-57 Heavy Ion Blaster (2D4/3D6 M.D; 10 Shots; 500 ft Range)
L-20 Pulse Rifle (Single Shot: 2D6 M.D. /3-Shot Burst 6D6 M.D.; 40 Shots; 1600 ft. Range)
S.D.C. Sword (2D6 S.D.C. Damage)
Cyber-Knight Armor:
95 M.D.C. (Environmental)

Savage Rifts Stats:

Current XP:6

Attributes & Derived Stats:
Agility: d4
Smarts: d4
Spirit: d8
Strength: d8
Vigor: d6
Charisma: +2
Parry: 6
Pace: 8
Toughness: 14
Strain: n/a

Fighting: d12
Shooting: d8
Language (American): d6
Language (Dragonese/Elf): d4
Healing: d6
Knowledge (Politics): d6
Running: d10
Psionics: d8
Persuasion: d6
Notice: d4+2
Driving: d6
Knowledge (Electronics): d8

Code of Honor (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
Heroic (Major)
Quirk – Minor (Bob’s Never Removed Helmet)

Arcane Background (Psionics)
Combat Reflexes
Improved Psi Sword

NG-57 Ion Blaster (Range 10/20/40; Damage 1 to 3D6+1; ROF: 1; Wt: 5 lbs)
L-20 Pulse Rifle (Range 25/50/100; Damage 3d6+1; AP 2; ROF 4; Wt: 7 lbs)
Psi-Sword (Str + Spirit x3; AP 8; AP 4 for dual blades; +2 I.S.P for Mega-Damage)

Cyber-Knight Medium Armor (+6 Armor; Toughness +1; 3 lbs.; Succor Power)

NG-S2 Survival Kit (30 lbs)
Silver Cross
6 Wooden Stakes:

I.S.P. 20
Boost Trait* (2 ISP; Range: Smarts; Duration 3 [1/round]; Success boosts trait by 1 die/raise boosts by 2)
Deflection* (2 ISP; Range: Touch; Duration 3 [1/round]; Attackers subtract 2 to rolls/4 for raise)
Healing* (3 ISP; Range: Touch; Duration: Instant; Removes wound with success/2 with raise)
Succor: (I ISP; Range: Touch; Duration: Instant; Removes Fatigue with success/ 2 Fatigue with raise)

Iconic Framework Bonuses/Drawbacks
Cyberkenetic Combat
First into Battle (add 2 Pace and d10 running die. If Fleet-Footed Edge is taken then d12 running die.)
Inner Light (Start with Champion Edge)
Intense Combat Training (Fighting d8 and two combat Edges/meeting all requirements except rank.)
Minor Psionics (AB Psionics, 10 ISP, 3 Powers, d6 Psionics. Access to the following powers: Armor, Barrier, Bolt, Boost Trait*, Confusion, Darksight, Defection*, Environmental Protection, Havoc, Healing*, Pummel, Quickness, Smite*, Speak Language, Speed*, Succor, Warrior’s Gift) (*Free Action if used on the Cyber-Knight only)
Revered Protectors (+2 Charisma with those that like them)
Complications (Code of Honor; no cybernetics)

Heroic Path:
Experience & Wisdom – Gain Luck Edge (Roll of 14)
Psionics – +10 ISP (Roll of 5)
Training – Gain Martial Artist + Brawler Edge (Roll of 5)
Education – Gain Knowledge (Electronics) d8; +1 to repair for electronic devices (Roll of 8)
Enchanted Items & Mystic Gadgets – Gain Magic Optic System (Darksight, Farsight, Detect Arcana, +2 to Notice)


The exact date of Robert’s birthday is unknown, but he was brought to the <> Orphanage in 75 P.A. Whoever his parents were, they left quick as quickly as they arrived, leaving behind a crying child for the orphanage to have. They did however, leave a note with Robert’s full name: Robert Hightower. For the next ten years the orphanage was home to the boy. Being in the slums of the Newtown, Bob was no stranger to many days without food or hot water. The orphanage, though their caretakers did what they could to protect their charges, was still woefully inadequate for all the residents therein. The little ones would either have to find some odd job that pays or steal to get by

Little Bob was quite different than the other kids though. He wasn’t a thief like the other kids did, in fact he was quite selfless, often giving his own food he was able to scrounge to others even less fortunate than he. You see, Bob was enamored by the stories the caretakers of the orphanage told of the brave Cyber-Knights. They were great and powerful warriors who strode out on great quests across the land, righting wrongs and fighting evil. Bob wished he could become one of these great warriors someday, as certainly you can use a few Cyber-Knights there in the scary slums where he lived. Bob found himself a large metal bucket that he could use like a helmet, and put it on, and from that day on no one else has seen him without it on.

The locals grew to like Bob as he was helpful in whatever they did. Bob’s kindness and do-gooder zeal earned him plenty of enemies from the local gangs to even the Coalition themselves. The scary Coalition soldiers that roam the slums say thing as protectors of the people and whatnot, but Bob knew they were bad news wherever they went. Too many humans and D-bees get hurt by the scary soldiers in black armor. They even warned Bob to stay out of trouble, and that he looked silly with that helmet on. Bob knew they were full of it and kept doing what he did best to make the slums of the ’Burbs a better place. Many tried to stop the bucket-wearing boy, mostly with beatings, but little Bob continued on as usual, never giving up.

One day though, things nearly came to a crashing end. The scary Coalition soldiers were going to execute a group of people caught with books. Bob knew this was clearly wrong, so Bob orchestrated a distraction to allow the Coalition soldiers to chase him and let the prisoners escape. Bob however was caught by the scary black-armored soldiers, and Bob knew they weren’t going to let him off with a warning this time. Before they could take Bob off to whatever horrible fate awaited him, the soldiers were stopped by a man. The man wore shiny steel armor, and one of his hands was a sword seeming to be made out of pure energy! Bob and the Coalition soldiers could not believe they were in the presence of a bonafide Cyber-Knight! The Cyber-Knight gave one command: leave the boy alone. The CS soldiers, not wanting to deal with the Cyber-Knight, let the boy go and left without further trouble.

It turns out the Cyber-Knight, whose name was Sir Jack O’Sullivan, was actually looking for little Bob! The Cyber-Knight’s quest led him through the ‘Burb and he had heard rumors about a little do-gooding boy that wears a bucket for a helmet and wanted to see for himself who this little one was. When he found the boy selling his life away so that others could live, he knew that the boy had the resolve to become just like him, and judging by the bucket he knew exactly that’s what he wanted. So he asked the boy if he would like to become a Cyber-Knight? The question came with a warning, the life of the Cyber-Knight was not always glamorous, nor glorious. While he may bring safety and security to the lands of North America, his enemies would be numerous, and all will seek to take him down. The little boy replied that he was already used to it, and all he wanted to do was to help people. The Cyber-Knight smiled, held out his hand for the boy, and they left the ’Burb that very same day.

Sir O’Sullivan lived out of a small town in (what was) New Mexico called Cosmo Town. It was a mostly prosperous little community of humans and D-Bees. Bob could see the similarities from his old home in the Chi-Town ‘Burbs, but the city was much more nicer than the ’Burb could ever be. The town was fortunate enough to have a few resident Cyber-Knights that O’Sullivan was a part of, and they were going to oversee his training as a Cyber-Knight. The training was hard. Bob learned how to fight, ride a horse, shoot a variety of guns, and read AND write both English and Dragonese/Elven! It turned out that Bob was also a powerful psychic, with the potential to maybe become a master psychic some day! O’Sullivan and the Cyber-Knights were certainly impressed with the young Squire, but they wanted to TRULY test his resolve.

O’Sullivan introduced Bob to one of the local children. She was an elf child, no more than five years old (Bob was 12 at the time). Her name was Eve, and O’Sullivan had one task for Bob: Find Eve and bring her back to the Cyber-Knights, and only then would they continue his training. At first, Bob thought of it as a simple game of hide-and-seek, child’s play (hah!)! It turns out that little Eve was the sassiest, cleverest, and sometimes downright devious child in all of Cosmo Town, and boy was she going to let Bob have it. The little elf was a budding mystic, and at the very LEAST knew how to turn herself invisible. As Bob would scour all over town looking for the mischievous little elf, he endured prank after prank, booby trap after booby trap! The game of hide-and-seek continued for weeks! At first the elf girl held nothing but contempt for the silly bucket boy, but that contempt soon turned to admiration. Despite putting Bob through so much pain and misfortune, Bob pressed on, determined to find the mischievous elf girl and bring him back to the Cyber-Knights! When it looked like Bob was finally ready to throw in the towel, Eve voluntarily surrendered to him, and led him back to the Cyber-Knights hand in hand. She wanted to see how the young boy would turn out as a Cyber-Knight one day.

The training continued, and Bob soon grew to be a young man. Now eighteen (and with a proper helmet!), his time as a squire was almost done. During that time, he went out with the other Cyber-Knights to help keep the town and surrounding areas safe and free of monsters, and ‘persuade’ off the local Coalition patrols and the human supremacists of nearby Gallup. Bob and little Eve became best friends, and when she was not still pulling pranks on him, she was making sure he was well taken care of, as sometimes he would neglect himself and his own health in pursuit of his quest to be a Cyber-Knight. One evening the other Knights summoned Bob for one final test. Bob was to channel his own inner strength to summon his Psi-Sword, the powerful blade of pure psychic energy that was typically known to be the Cyber-Knight’s badge of office. Within moments (and with sneaky Eve watching nearby), Bob willed into existence a bright blue glowing sword in his right hand! Sir O’Sullivan said his training was nearly complete, and to fully become a Cyber-Knight, he needed to travel out with him to the secret home of the Cyber-Knights, where the last stages of his initiation will take place.

It wasn’t even an hour after than before a scared townsfolk came searching for the Cyber-Knights. The local sheriff, his staff and many of the town militia had been killed, and the person behind it demanded to fight O’Sullivan, or else he will destroy the entire city! The Cyber-Knights wasted no time to go face the threat and destroy it lest anyone else got hurt. They found him waiting patiently in the center of town, the bodies of the city defenders strewn about him. He was a man dressed much like the other Cyber-Knights, but his armor was blackened. O’Sullivan seemed to know who this man was, but when asked what the enemy’s name was, O’Sullivan said he was better off not knowing. The black knight called out O’Sullivan’s name and said it was time to finish it, and he willed a blood red glowing sword in his hand. O’Sullivan responded to the duel and fought the black knight, and when it seemed to be in O’Sullivan’s favor, the black knight suddenly got the upper hand, and then slew the great Cyber-Knight where he stood.

Filled with anger, the other Cyber-Knights lashed out against the black knight, but all of them were easily defeated by the wicked master psi-swordsman. Bob was the last one standing, and he stood defiantly, ready to strike at the black knight, but the evil knight simply willed away his blade and turned to leave. Refusing to let the black knight simply walk away after murdering his mentor, Bob lashed out against the black knight, only for him to be telekinetically blasted away through a nearby building. The black knight simply mounted his horse, and left town without saying another word.

Fortunately, not all of the Cyber-Knights were slain, though grievously injured by the fight. Bob was angry. he wanted to kill the black knight for murdering O’Sullivan, but he remembered the Cyber-Knight telling him that one of the core tenets of the Cyber-Knights was not to fight in anger, for that would certainly lead to his own destruction. Nevertheless, Bob lost a good friend and the only father figure that he ever had. He will find the black knight and he will face justice, but he needed to finish his initiation as a Cyber-Knight first. The other knights told him where to go, but without the sheriff and militia, Bob would need to travel alone. Bob said his goodbyes to his friends as he was to take the next caravan out of Cosmo Town. Eve begged Bob not to go, for he was the only one she truly called friend, but Bob was determined to finish his training and embark on his quest to find the black knight and help the unfortunate on the way.

Seven years have passed, now 25, Sir Bob is now a full-fledged Cyber-Knight. Bob has quested endlessly for the black knight but to no avail, but along the way he has certainly helped dish out justice whenever needed. An opportunity arose in Kingsdale to help crew a major caravan across North America southward to Mexico to bring back some much needed oil for the major city’s economy. As Kingsdale was a prosperous city that tolerated all kinds of D-Bees and practitioners of magic, despite its proximity to the Coalition States, Sir Bob felt it would be a worthy quest to see the caravan to Mexico and back safely so Kingsdale can continue to prosper.

It was on this particular caravan adventure that he became reacquainted with a certain mischievous elf mystic…

Sir Robert "Bob" Hightower

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