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The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 5)
The Town of Lantern



The Dragon claw team had been dispatched to the remote town of “Lantern” to begin this curious Phase 2 of the Dragon claw project. Garth Bladenshiff had made it clear that this project’s intention was never about just Self defense, and the next logical step was branching out to try and bring some measure of peace to the entire area. This meant answering a distress beacon that had been sent by the town of Lantern, a request for help after a mad man had mysteriously seized control of the massive energy reactor which gave the town its name.

Once they had arrived, it was clear that the town of Lantern was in dire straits, as the lack of power had rendered them defenseless to whatever threat happened. by. Shortly after setting down, Several robots appeared out of the brush in combat formation and had started moving towards the town, obviously with the intent to inflict damage and bodily harm. They were led by a massive battle bot that towered over the others, and in the ensuing fight nearly vaporized one of the dragonclaw team members had it not been for a last minute twist of fate.

After The dragonclaw team had dealt with the others, and the smaller bots were scrapped, they then turned their attention to the larger bot. It shrugged off several attacks, but was finally hit with a penetrating strike that brought it down just before the gates of Lantern itself. The townsfolk cheered, after they had fled screaming into the hollow safety of their defenseless town, but everyone understood they were not out of the woods yet.

The town of Lantern itself is a huge cluster of houses built of everything from mudbrick to metal hull plates and everything in between. The narrow streets are scattered with Horse drawn carts and rebuilt hover bikes that move people around and goods to the central market. there are fewer hover transports, or any form of transport that requires power, as the Lantern power generator has been disabled, and fusion batteries have not been able to be recharged in nearly two weeks. The wreckage of the previous battle with the strange robots and their hulking assault robot leader were picked over by scavengers from the town and everyone was grateful for what the team had done, but were still understandably on edge.

There was also the revelation that this mysterious madman is in fact, Roman Breban.. Uncle to Dragomir Breban, one of the Dragonclaw team members. Upon learning that his family were involved in this, Dragomir went bezerk and simply repeated over and over again.. “You don’t understand.. I am the white sheep of the family.. and now they are here.. and they are going to ruin everything..”

The Dragonclaw team, also learned that one of the council who lead this town, a human technomancer named Konnor Bhaine went under the mountain to try and stop this madman, but has not returned. A female Dwarf named Trelga Stalwart has offered a substantial reward if Konnor could be brought back alive. Either way, if he is alive, they would like him returned, and Roman needs to be dealt with.. if he is dead, then they would like his body returned and his death avenged upon Roman Breban if possible.


Episode 5

Once the Dragonclaw team had finally reached the town of Lantern, they were led to a series of converted cargo containers that had been repurposed into a bar and Motel called the “Foundry.” The place was normally run by a Technomancer named Konnor Bhaine, but since he had disappeared going after Roman, it was being run by his adopted daughter.. Valleria. She was working hard to repair one of the robot drones that were exact duplicates of the ones who had attacked the Dragon claw team just outside of town, except they were hundreds of years old. The ones which had attacked were brand new.

As the Dragonclaws questioned her and tried to get some more information, Roman Breban sent a signal to the entire town, threatening that if they did not construct a temple for his new God.. a strange being called.. “Entropos the Infernal.” within three days, then he would send a power surge through the lantern that would fry the entire town. He also spoke to his nephew.. Dragomir in Romanian for several seconds, probably to curse or taunt him.

By this point, Dragomir was becoming increasingly on edge, and there were some of the team who were having serious doubts about his ability to stay on task. Perhaps this was why Roman was choosing to taunt him. Knowing full well that with his temper, he would not be able to hold back for long before he took a shot at, or tried to injure one of the team who had arrived with Dragomir. Either way, After a minor altercation where the Romanian and the Atlantean almost started firing their weapons at one another, the situation slowly winded down before anyone was killed.

Shortly after the Townsfolk asked if the Dragon claws could help with their filtration system, unfortunately, there was little they could do, as the device was constructed by a technomancer and was beyond the skills of any of the Dragonclaws present. They contacted the base, and asked if someone could be sent out, and DC command informed them that someone would be sent to try and assist, but it was important that they got the power back ASAP.. as it would only be a patch job, and not a long term solution.

After gearing up, The Dragonclaw team headed to the lagoon in the center of town next to the massive artificial hill. After swimming through a 50’ corridor underwater.. they emerged into a complex series of caverns that ended in what looked like a ramshackle town constructed underneath Lantern itself. Hidden among the rocks were a clan of Psi-stalkers who had been waiting for someone to come along. They had taken up positions and readied their weapons before delivering an ultimatum to the Team.

Let us drain you, and you can walk away.

Vance stepped forward.. fully intent on blasting them, when suddenly the psychic energy was absorbed by one of the psi-stalkers.. their leader was apparently some sort of Nega-psychic, and was absorbing the energy from all around him as he raised his hand from where he was hiding. At that point, the conflict took on an acute urgency, as the psychic energy of any team members was drawn off harmlessly into their leader’s hand. Dragomir launched a plasma grenade and vaporized the leader’s cover.. and before he could find somewhere else to hide, The Atlantean had used his Sunbow to plant an enchanted arrow directly in his forehead and burning a hole straight through his brain. The stalker was killed instantly, but his clan fought on to the bitter end. They used heavy rifles and grenades to bash and rain down destruction on the dragonclaws, but once the tide had turned, they were doomed. The Dragonclaws turned the ambush, and one by one started killing the Stalkers until only one remained left alive. Seeing that everyone else was dead, he threw down his weapon, but not before Dragomir, in a fit of vengeful rage, almost beat him to death before the others were able to pull him away.

Apparently Roman had promised them psychic rich targets coming this way, unfornately for them.. these targets had powers that were meant to destroy.

The Dragonclaw team policed the grounds as they interrogated the prisoner and tried to prep themselves to move deeper towards the Core. On one side of the chamber, is a massive wall that could only be the outer hull of a massive starship that had crashed several hundred years ago. There were two doors, but Roman had blocked the door behind him, which meant the long way around was the only way to get at the Renegade .. and the clock is still ticking for Lantern

Can the hero’s save them in time?

What happened to Konnor, and his still alive?

What is this connection between Dragomir and Roman.?

What is the connection between the droids?

The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 3)
The Fall of the Troll King



As the Scene opened, the VTOL with Aramonar had landed next to the old ski lodge which had been converted by the frost gnomes into a redoubt. He quickly survayed the situation and realized the incredible peril that everyone was in if the rift remained opened. The old wizard explained, “such power draws the attention of other beings the longer it remains open.” Off in the distance, they could see a column of light that rose into the area, and realized that was where the trolls were probably coming from.

After taking stock of their ammuntion and preparing for combat, the group encountered three individuals walking towards them through the storm. What appeared from the gusting wall of winter weather were three emaciated trolls in heavy robes that radiated an aura of menace and foul magic. Dragomir wasted no time in the attack, even as Lilly spoke of caution. The first of the three raised his pale arms in a motion of surrender, and requested a chance to speak with the sentients who had interfered with the troll army’s attempt to recover the “walking food.”

Dragomir continued the attack however, and an instant later, the central troll was whisked away in a dark cloud of vapor, leaving the slavic mercenary standing next to two desicated troll corpses that ignored him. Lilly had tried to restrain him, and Dragomir had drawn a knife and looked to her with fury at the attempted interference. He did not attack her however, and kept a wary eye for what was obviously some kind of necromancer among the trolls. The creature used magic to speak to them while remaining out of sight or hidden in some manner. It spoke of its desire to parlay with the others, and it had a deal that would work out in their favor if they would allow him to speak.

Obviously, Dragomir did not find any such offer compelling, however, the rest of the team was interested in hearing what the necromancer had to say before passing judgment. The creature reappeared and spoke about how the madness and greed of the troll king were forcing his people to be here. He wanted to oppose him, but the troll king held his leash, and there was nothing to be done as long as the troll king Lived. Fortunately, there was a custom among the trolls, where the owners of territory, could challenge the leaders of the clan, and if they win, then the troll clan would relinquish its claim on the new terrritory. The chief who failed would be cast down or killed by combat, and the new troll would claim leadership of the clan and could issue an order to either take command of his territory or force them back. All that had to be done, was blow a sacred war horn outside of the troll encampment, and the king would have no choice but to answer.

When asked about the gnomish hostages that were currently in the camp and being used as food, the Necromancer stated disgust. He explained that since the gnomes had been taken, his people had become fat and lazy, and had abandoned their hunting ways. He wanted them to return to their hunting ways, and so promised that the gnomes would be released if they defeated the troll king in ritual combat. He would also erect a dome of necromantic energy that would keep the rest of the army from interfering until the combat was decided. As a finishing incentive, the Necromancer also promised that after the troll king was slain, they would never see him again, and swore by the dark gods he served.

Once it was agreed between them, the entire group began to trod through the snow towards the troll encampment. As soon as they got close, the dragonclaws realized the potential threat they were facing as the trolls had already several hundred warriors through the portal and established a fortified base camp. There was a large tent in the center which was probably for the troll king, and sentries quickly spotted the group as they approached.

Just as the Utgarra the Necromancer had promised, the sacred horn was sitting on a nearby bramble, waiting to be sounded by a perspective challenger. As one of the Team stepped up and loosed a blast from the enchanted horn, the army started to stir like an anthill kicked over as trolls rushed about, and the troll king came forward with his entourage to find out what had happened. When he saw the challengers, Gurternax finally saw the assembled heros, he laughed and drew an enchanted battle axe, who’s edge moved like a chainsaw. Several of his mages moved in to support while his guard also drew their weapons and moved into a ritual ring of combat to answer the challenge. As this happened, the necromancer constructed a ward to keep the others from interfering.

The ritual combat however was quick and brutal, as Azure Fin summoned his electrical powers and caused massive explosions to erupt among the trolls. Lightning bolts of energy swept over them as the aquatic creature summoned the full wrath of his power, and fewer then a third of his entourage remained after the psychic was finished. What followed was the rapid execution of the troll king, as Vance teleported behind and used his Psy-blade to decapitate Gurternax in a sweep of psychic energy. The remaining trolls were either shot, blown up or otherwise cut down by Dragomir and Lilly, and the others, who quickly cleaned up the mess and brought the fight to a close.

One of the trolls approached the Dragonclaws, stating that they were strange for a troll Lord, but requested what they wanted the army to do? Vance shook his head and told them all to return home, meanwhile Azure fin simply restated his desire to have them “get the hell off my planet.” Dragomir simple swore in Slavic and Lilly was quiet as she surveyed the scene of devastation. It was clear by the number of bodies and remains, that the trolls had feasted well on the gnomes, but in the “larder” tents, there were still 60, malnourished and mistreated gnomes who immediately fell to their knees and praised their saviors from a horrible fate.


True to its word, Utgarra the Necromancer, waited until the last troll had passed back through the gate, and imploded the spell foci that were keeping the rift open. As the purple crystals shattered, the Rift began to close as the reality of earth reasserted itself over the tear in dimensional space. When it had finally closed off completely, Utgarra bowed and spoke about how they would never see it again.. but it would leave them a small token of its eestem to remember him by. With that, the necromancer waved his hand, cast a prepared spell and roused a large number of corpses and skeletons to rise from the meat pits they had been thrown into and attack. After casting his spell, the necromancer bowed and teleported away to parts unknown, leaving the undead to frollic with the Dragonclaws.

The combat was terrible, but quick, as the gnomish remains formed together into hulking masses of dead flesh, and skeletons of trolls and people rose up from the snow to attack anyone and anything nearby. Once again Azure fin released the full fury of his power and a storm of electricity swept over the area. The stink of ozone and cooked meat was thick in the air as the smouldering ruins of the undead collapsed to the ground. The remaining few stalked to attack, and Dragomir, Vance and Lilly cut and blasted the remaining corpses to pieces in short order.

Once the corpses had been dispatched, everyone gathered the remains of the magical focus and loaded the gnome refugees onto transports so they could be taken back to New Arcadia.

Arterrexxus had decided that the gnomes would be cared for until they were strong enough to decide for themselves if they wanted to stay or not. A warehouse would be converted into a shelter to keep them protected from the weather until more permanent housing could be set up, and they could remain while becoming a part of their new community.

Dragomir had decided to ask Garth about better weapons for the team, but more importantly, for himself. Lilly, Vance and Azure had busied themselves with seeing to the refugees who looked upon them all with adoration. Some even have whispered that gnomes saw the smooth skinned “Blue-Manta-ray man” as a blue skinned avatar from their god and had made simple statues of him in their refugee shelter… worshiping him as an intermediary for their god of electricity and creation.

Meanwhile.. Dragomir received a fateful letter in the mail.

The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 2)
Last Stand of the Frost Gnomes


Last Stand of the Frost Gnomes

Part 1

As our story opens, two Dragonclaw recruits have come to New Arcadia in answer of the call. Halima Cortez and Vance from the Pecos Empire were met on the landing pad by Garth Bladenshiff, Arturexxus’ Major Domo. Once they were situated, they started to look around to see what kind of a leader this “Arturexxus” was by mingling and conversing with the locals. Unfortunately, their foray was cut short, as the town began to experience extremely unseasonable weather that blew in from the mountains to the North.

Most of the townfolk started to seek shelter as the storm got worse, and Dragonclaw Command went on high alert. Shortly after the storm began to intensify, the team was assembled in the briefing room, and were told about a powerful Magical Anomaly only 7 miles to the north of New Arcadia. It was decided that the team would investigate the anomaly, because while it was close enough for regular forces, they might become bogged down as the weather worsened. The anomoly itself was occuring near a pre rifts site called “Big Mountain Ski Lodge”

After several minutes of prep, including the packing of survival gear, the Dragonclaw team loaded unto the VTOL and took off into the teeth of the storm. While it was a very rough ride to their destination, the VTOL set down, and as the team started to move towards the anomaly, they crossed over a barrier of some kind that formed an “Eye of the Storm,” with the ruined ski lodge at its center. Upon closer examination, the ski lodge itself had been covered over with Ice fortifications and expanded to serve as a defensive position of some kind. When the Team got close enough, a small horde of Frost gnomes emerged bearing Techo-wizardry weapons and ice armor of some kind. They were followed by a group of ice elementals and several robed mages, including a female sorceress who appeared to be their leader.


Once communication had been established, it became clear that the gnomes were in fact refugees from an ice planet, where their species had been decimated by a race of blood thristy, gnome eating, Ice Trolls. The frost gnomes were given a choice by the troll overlord, King Gurternax: report to “gnome farms” so that their families could be occasionally culled for food. Or be annihilated. This group of gnomes choose to fight instead, but had been engaged in a long losing battle for several years, against the ice trolls of their world. A rift had opened, and the frost gnomes had fled through the rift, choosing to make their last stand here in the ruins of the ski lodge.

Their Leader, a gnomish sorceress named Chylothast had started asking questions about their new home just before an advance scouting party of Ice trolls emerged from the forest and immediately attacked. The gnomes retreated to protect their many wounded, but the Dragonclaw team surged forward and eliminated the advance war party in a blazing melee of psionic energy, vibro weaponry and energy weapon fire.

Once the scouting party had been destroyed, the Team were hailed as heros and saviors of the Frost Gnomes, but their queen, Chyothast, expressed deep concern. As they fled the Rift, troll shamans had set about using magic to stabilize it, allowing Gurternax to eventually send an army through that would be large enough to exterminate the rebel gnomes and possibly threaten New Arcadia itself. This open rift turned out to be the cause of the weather anomaly which had hit the town as an unseasonable storm.

After contacting Command, the team advised them of the situation, and requested a medical evacuation of the Frost gnomes. The EVAC was granted, and VTOLs would be arriving shortly to lift them out and take them back to New Arcadia. As for the Open Rift.. the High magister Aramonar would return with one of the VTOL’s to advise them how to close it and secure the safety of the area.

Participating PC’s

The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 1)
The Arcana-Silverlode Mine


Our adventure opened as Lillith “Lilly” Hightower returned home to the mining town of New Arcadia and joined up with a unique outfit called the “Dragon claws.” As she did, Lilly was joined by two others, a D-Bee Manta ray Humanoid named Azure Fin, and a Slavic Adventurer named Dragomir Breban. They were all briefed by Arturexx’s Major domo, a former juicer named Garth Bladenshiff, and given leave to explore the town before being called to action. Lilly reacquainted herself one of the secretaries working in administration.. a woman named Margaret Gallin. Then the group made their way to the Rusty Minecart saloon.

Once inside the saloon, the group met the proprietor, a female Dwarf Beer Mistress named Polenwilda “Polly” Gravelfury. After she greeted Lilly warmly, Lilly recognized her former boyfriend, Bradly Ludlow. Bradly had apparently fallen in with a harder crowd since she left, and had developed some Anti-DB sentiments along with an affection for the Coalition. After getting up and referring to the new “freaks” in the room and calling Azure fin.. “Sushi face,” Brad got up to finish his drink and was probably going to start trouble. Dragomir did not wait to find out however, as he rushed forward, and as Brad was downing the shot.. he punched him in the face and shattered the glass. Dragomir then followed up with a kidney shot that sent Brad to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As he was being punched. Azure fin used his electrical control to cause every single hair in Brad’s head to simultaneously fall out through electrolysis. Brad’s friends hauled him away as the group settled down and briefly went back to their drinks. In exchange for dealing with the problem of Brad, Polly gave Dragomir some of her home brew.. and it actually brought tears to the slav’s eyes while he smiled broadly and sniffed his onion.

After things had settled down a bit, the group received a message from Dragonclaw command. When they went to the briefing room they were met by an old Arcanist named “Aramonar,” who explained that the extraction of Silver is causing problems by animating some of the surrounding rock formations. Several miners were injured, and he would now need to go down to the mines and lay several “stabilizing runes” while the Dragon Claws protected him. They were given a few minutes to arm and equip, which Lilly used to borrow a heavier Laser Rifle from the dwarven Quartermaster named Ballisar Torc-Hammer. Ballisar was happy to loan her the weapon, and commented that Polly would “have his hide” if he sent Lilly down there without something a bit heavier.

Once they were properly armed and equipped, the Dragonclaw Team went down into the lower mines to escort Aramonar to the sites where he would place the stabilization runes. To no one’s surprise, the group was immediately attack by a large group of Earth elementals and rock golems. Azure fin used his electrical powers to great effect, disrupting several golems in single blazing burst of sparks and energy. Meanwhile Lilly and Dragomir Tore at the others using a combination of Laser weapons and Vibro swords. In only a few minutes, the elementals had been reduced to rubble and a number of strangely glowing purple crystals that Aramonar recommended they keep for study and possible sale.


After Aramonar placed the glowing runes in the rock, the entire area stabilized, and there were no further attacks. Then the Group returned to the surface, talking briefly with one of the Mining foreman on their way back.

Participating PC’s in this game
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Dragomir1.jpg .

Arkansas Has Risen Again! AKA Hail the Coalition!
Game Session Four

Welcome sign.

Loging inmate slave beatings.

Oil field rough neck breaks.

Farmland delta blues PA performer.

E street and the old man drinking bar.

City guard magic police investors.

Head hunter ambush.

River run into Lone star with SAMAS stop.

Convoy Exploits
Game Session Three

Meeting the Leaders of Kingsdale.

Forming the convoy.

The trip out of CS Missouri.

Coalition Ambush.

Meeting the Fey of the Band of the Mississippi.

Dyval messenger Mischief.

Approaching Arkansas.

Crime and Discovery
Game Session Two


Dyval Messenger Book Delivery.


Orbital Impact

Drop Pod Discovery.

A.M.A.N.R.A. Discovery.


Chaos in Kingsdale
Game Session One

Boarder stop with Kingsdale rangers.

Dino Stampead.

City hall check in.

Dragon attack

Foot chase for stolen goods.

Elma the nun leads them around.

Firefight with the fences.

Arrest by the police.


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