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The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 2)
Last Stand of the Frost Gnomes


Last Stand of the Frost Gnomes

Part 1

As our story opens, two Dragonclaw recruits have come to New Arcadia in answer of the call. Halima Cortez and Vance from the Pecos Empire were met on the landing pad by Garth Bladenshiff, Arturexxus’ Major Domo. Once they were situated, they started to look around to see what kind of a leader this “Arturexxus” was by mingling and conversing with the locals. Unfortunately, their foray was cut short, as the town began to experience extremely unseasonable weather that blew in from the mountains to the North.

Most of the townfolk started to seek shelter as the storm got worse, and Dragonclaw Command went on high alert. Shortly after the storm began to intensify, the team was assembled in the briefing room, and were told about a powerful Magical Anomaly only 7 miles to the north of New Arcadia. It was decided that the team would investigate the anomaly, because while it was close enough for regular forces, they might become bogged down as the weather worsened. The anomoly itself was occuring near a pre rifts site called “Big Mountain Ski Lodge”

After several minutes of prep, including the packing of survival gear, the Dragonclaw team loaded unto the VTOL and took off into the teeth of the storm. While it was a very rough ride to their destination, the VTOL set down, and as the team started to move towards the anomaly, they crossed over a barrier of some kind that formed an “Eye of the Storm,” with the ruined ski lodge at its center. Upon closer examination, the ski lodge itself had been covered over with Ice fortifications and expanded to serve as a defensive position of some kind. When the Team got close enough, a small horde of Frost gnomes emerged bearing Techo-wizardry weapons and ice armor of some kind. They were followed by a group of ice elementals and several robed mages, including a female sorceress who appeared to be their leader.


Once communication had been established, it became clear that the gnomes were in fact refugees from an ice planet, where their species had been decimated by a race of blood thristy, gnome eating, Ice Trolls. The frost gnomes were given a choice by the troll overlord, King Gurternax: report to “gnome farms” so that their families could be occasionally culled for food. Or be annihilated. This group of gnomes choose to fight instead, but had been engaged in a long losing battle for several years, against the ice trolls of their world. A rift had opened, and the frost gnomes had fled through the rift, choosing to make their last stand here in the ruins of the ski lodge.

Their Leader, a gnomish sorceress named Chylothast had started asking questions about their new home just before an advance scouting party of Ice trolls emerged from the forest and immediately attacked. The gnomes retreated to protect their many wounded, but the Dragonclaw team surged forward and eliminated the advance war party in a blazing melee of psionic energy, vibro weaponry and energy weapon fire.

Once the scouting party had been destroyed, the Team were hailed as heros and saviors of the Frost Gnomes, but their queen, Chyothast, expressed deep concern. As they fled the Rift, troll shamans had set about using magic to stabilize it, allowing Gurternax to eventually send an army through that would be large enough to exterminate the rebel gnomes and possibly threaten New Arcadia itself. This open rift turned out to be the cause of the weather anomaly which had hit the town as an unseasonable storm.

After contacting Command, the team advised them of the situation, and requested a medical evacuation of the Frost gnomes. The EVAC was granted, and VTOLs would be arriving shortly to lift them out and take them back to New Arcadia. As for the Open Rift.. the High magister Aramonar would return with one of the VTOL’s to advise them how to close it and secure the safety of the area.

Participating PC’s

The Dragon Claws (Season 1, Episode 1)
The Arcana-Silverlode Mine


Our adventure opened as Lillith “Lilly” Hightower returned home to the mining town of New Arcadia and joined up with a unique outfit called the “Dragon claws.” As she did, Lilly was joined by two others, a D-Bee Manta ray Humanoid named Azure Fin, and a Slavic Adventurer named Dragomir Breban. They were all briefed by Arturexx’s Major domo, a former juicer named Garth Bladenshiff, and given leave to explore the town before being called to action. Lilly reacquainted herself one of the secretaries working in administration.. a woman named Margaret Gallin. Then the group made their way to the Rusty Minecart saloon.

Once inside the saloon, the group met the proprietor, a female Dwarf Beer Mistress named Polenwilda “Polly” Gravelfury. After she greeted Lilly warmly, Lilly recognized her former boyfriend, Bradly Ludlow. Bradly had apparently fallen in with a harder crowd since she left, and had developed some Anti-DB sentiments along with an affection for the Coalition. After getting up and referring to the new “freaks” in the room and calling Azure fin.. “Sushi face,” Brad got up to finish his drink and was probably going to start trouble. Dragomir did not wait to find out however, as he rushed forward, and as Brad was downing the shot.. he punched him in the face and shattered the glass. Dragomir then followed up with a kidney shot that sent Brad to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As he was being punched. Azure fin used his electrical control to cause every single hair in Brad’s head to simultaneously fall out through electrolysis. Brad’s friends hauled him away as the group settled down and briefly went back to their drinks. In exchange for dealing with the problem of Brad, Polly gave Dragomir some of her home brew.. and it actually brought tears to the slav’s eyes while he smiled broadly and sniffed his onion.

After things had settled down a bit, the group received a message from Dragonclaw command. When they went to the briefing room they were met by an old Arcanist named “Aramonar,” who explained that the extraction of Silver is causing problems by animating some of the surrounding rock formations. Several miners were injured, and he would now need to go down to the mines and lay several “stabilizing runes” while the Dragon Claws protected him. They were given a few minutes to arm and equip, which Lilly used to borrow a heavier Laser Rifle from the dwarven Quartermaster named Ballisar Torc-Hammer. Ballisar was happy to loan her the weapon, and commented that Polly would “have his hide” if he sent Lilly down there without something a bit heavier.

Once they were properly armed and equipped, the Dragonclaw Team went down into the lower mines to escort Aramonar to the sites where he would place the stabilization runes. To no one’s surprise, the group was immediately attack by a large group of Earth elementals and rock golems. Azure fin used his electrical powers to great effect, disrupting several golems in single blazing burst of sparks and energy. Meanwhile Lilly and Dragomir Tore at the others using a combination of Laser weapons and Vibro swords. In only a few minutes, the elementals had been reduced to rubble and a number of strangely glowing purple crystals that Aramonar recommended they keep for study and possible sale.


After Aramonar placed the glowing runes in the rock, the entire area stabilized, and there were no further attacks. Then the Group returned to the surface, talking briefly with one of the Mining foreman on their way back.

Participating PC’s in this game
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Arkansas Has Risen Again! AKA Hail the Coalition!
Game Session Four

Welcome sign.

Loging inmate slave beatings.

Oil field rough neck breaks.

Farmland delta blues PA performer.

E street and the old man drinking bar.

City guard magic police investors.

Head hunter ambush.

River run into Lone star with SAMAS stop.

Convoy Exploits
Game Session Three

Meeting the Leaders of Kingsdale.

Forming the convoy.

The trip out of CS Missouri.

Coalition Ambush.

Meeting the Fey of the Band of the Mississippi.

Dyval messenger Mischief.

Approaching Arkansas.

Crime and Discovery
Game Session Two


Dyval Messenger Book Delivery.


Orbital Impact

Drop Pod Discovery.

A.M.A.N.R.A. Discovery.


Chaos in Kingsdale
Game Session One

Boarder stop with Kingsdale rangers.

Dino Stampead.

City hall check in.

Dragon attack

Foot chase for stolen goods.

Elma the nun leads them around.

Firefight with the fences.

Arrest by the police.


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