Matsushiro "June" Junko

Psy-Tech Trucker/Engineer (Former Operator)



Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 4’6"
Weight: 68 Lbs.
Alignment: Anarchist
O.C.C./R.C.C.: Psy-Tech
Level: 2nd
Experience: 2,350 / 4,200


I.Q.: 22 ( +8% to all skill checks )
M.E.: 22 ( +4 to save vs psionics, +5 to save vs insanity )
M.A.: 13 ( +0% trust/intimidate )
P.S.: 18 ( +3 hand to hand combat damage )
P.P.: 24 ( +5 parry/dodge, +5 bonus to strike )
P.E.: 16 ( +4% save vs coma/death, +1 save vs magic/poison )
P.B.: 22 ( +60% charm/impress )
Spd.: 22 ( 15 MPH, 1,320 ft/min, 330 ft/round )

S.D.C.: 70
Hit Points: 20
P.P.E.: 5
I.S.P.: 122

Skills (Percentage-Rated)-

Aicraft Mechanics (58%)
Basic Electronics (63%)
Basic Mechanics (63%)
Computer Operation (73%)
Computer Repair (53%)
Computer Programming (53%)
Electrical Engineer (58%)
> Sense of Balance (61%)
> Backflip (80%)
> Prowl (38%)
> Climb (33%)
> Climb Rope/Rappel (70%)
Jury-Rig (68%)
Language, Native (101%; Japanese)
Language, Other (81%; American)
Literacy, Native (63%; Japanese)
Literacy, Other (63%; Techno-Can)
Math, Advanced (68%)
Math, Basic (78%)
Mechanical Engineer (48%)
Pilot, Combat Helicopter (48%)
Pilot, Hovercraft (78%)
Pilot, Jet Fighter (48%)
Pilot, Military Tank/APC (63%)
Pilot, Submersible (48%)
Pilot, Tracked/Construction (63%)
Pilot, Truck (48%)
Pilot, Warship (48%)
Radio, Basic (73%)
Robot Mechanics (43%)
Robot Electronics (48%)
Sensory Equipment (53%)
Weapons Engineer (48%)
Weapon Systems (53%)

Skills (Non-Percentage)-

Athletics ( +1 parry/dodge/roll, +1 P.S., +1d6 Spd, +1d8 S.D.C. )
Combat Driving (Reduces penalties, bonus to dodge/survival)
Fencing ( +1 strike/parry with swords, +1d6 sword damage )
Gymnastics ( +2 roll w/impact, +2 P.S., +1 P.P., +2 P.E., +2d6 S.D.C. )
Hand to Hand, Expert ( combat performance as expert, level 2 )
Robot Combat, Basic ( combat performance as level 2 )
Robot Combat, Elite ( heavy vehicular category, two types )
Vehicle Armorer ( add armor and physically mod vehicles )

Weapon Proficiencies-

Ancient (Blunt) ( +1 strike/parry with blunt weapons )
Ancient (Sword) ( +1 strike/parry with swords )
Modern (Heavy M.D. Weapons) ( no bonuses )
Special (Quick-Draw) ( +3 initiative )

Class Features-

Soup-Up Machines (increase speed, fuel efficiency, range, and M.D.C. of vehicles and bots by 10%, boost speed and performance of computers by 15%, increase range of weapons by 10%, perform most mechanical and engineering jobs 2x faster and all jury-rig jobs 3x faster)


Category: Master Level
Recovery: 2 I.S.P. per hour or 12 I.S.P. per hour of rest
Powers: Telemechanics, telemechanic mental operation, telemechanic paralysis, telemechanic possession, machine ghost, object read, speed reading, total recall, intuitive combat, meditation, summon inner strength, electrokinesis (super).
Psynetic Powers: Advanced sixth sense (see cybernetics).
Class Specials: Telemechanics functions with no expenditure of I.S.P. and operates with double the normal duration, granting 95% skill aptitude. R.C.C. special psionic ability “Machine/Electronic Diagnosis” uses 6 I.S.P. and instantly locates and identifies all problems and malfunctions in touched machines and electronics, as well as the exact solution to each, and lasts 2 minutes per level.


Eternal Brain (double longevity, +2 initiative, +2 save vs psionics, +4 save vs horror factor, +3 save vs poison/drug/disease, +10% coma/death roll)

Advanced Sixth Sense, Psynetic (auto-sense immediate danger without activating this as a power; spend 6 I.S.P. to identify the danger source and nature, spend 12 I.S.P. to sweet an area with a radius of 3 feet per level for traps and other threats by concentrating for one round).


Psychosis, Hysterical Aggressive Reaction to Fear/Phobia (reacts with hysteria and aggression to the presence of traps, snares, mines, et cetera; generally dislikes surprises of all sorts but especially hates harmless ones that her sixth sense cannot warn her about ahead of time).

Equipment of Note-

NG-E4 Plasma Ejector, Block II (6d6 M.D., 16 Lbs, 10 shots per e-clip or 20 per long clip, 1,600 ft. range, 26 M.D.C. durability)

Vibro-Nagamaki (3d6 M.D., 6 Lbs., 12 M.D.C. durability)
Vibro-Tanto (1d6 M.D., 2 Lbs., 6 M.D.C. durability)

Urban Warrior Padded Enviro Body Armor
Helmet (35)
Body (50)
Arms (16 ea)
Legs (30 ea)
Notes: 11 Lbs, excellent mobility (-5% movement penalty), computer-controlled life support, internal cooling and temperature control, artificial air circulation and humidifier, gas filtration with auto-purge in low-02 or contaminated conditions, temperature shielded to 200 centigrade, immunity to normal fires, radiation shielded, light-sensitive auto-tint visor, directional radio w/10-mile range, multi-optical helmet, adorable black kitty-cat ears built into the helmet for precision directional audio)

Class-Based Kit (various tools, work-related clothing, office supplies, job-adequate computer, backpack, M.D.C. briefcase, 4d6 spare gadgets/parts/components as needed)


(Heavy cargo hauler; designed to pull 1 – 4 hover trailers, especially the SCC-90 super cargo carrier, or 2 – 8 wheeled trailers. Crew of 2, including pilot & co-pilot or communications engineer. Cab includes pilots’ compartment and seats for two passengers. SLeeping area accomodates four and includes small bathroom, weapons locker, and walk-in closet of moderate size. Vehicle is without windows; concealed video cameras at numerous locations provide crew with all needed visual telemetry. Has all basic features of a normal robot vehicle.

Dimensions (tractor unit): 44.5 ft. high, 90.6 ft. long, 52.0 ft. wide.
Weight (tractor unit): 53.7 tons

Unhitched: 312 mph top speed, 1,100 ft. operational ceiling
Under 450 Tons: 140 mph top speed, altitude by trailer.
Up to 850 Tons: 70 mph top speed, altitude by trailer.
Over or on water: Top speed reduced by half.
Underwater: Top speed reduced to one-third.

M.D.C. Durability:
Crew Compartment (90)
Front Stair (132)
Hoverjets (110 ea)
Main Body (595)
Main Hatch (220)
Railings (14 ea)
Side Lights (6 ea)
Side Thrusters (350 ea)
Spotlamp (20)
Upper Hatch (110)
Upper Hatch (110)
Winch & Crane (100)

Weapon Mounts-
Cabtop: Two hardpoints, none occupied.
Cabsides: Two hardpoints each, none occupied.
Thruster Banks: One hardpoint each, none occupied.

Notes on Piloting: -10% penalty to piloting checks for poor maneuverability, -20% while hauling 400+ tons, -30% if attempting stunt driving of any sort (all penalties cumulative).


(1): SCC-90 Super Cargo Carrier (APT Repair Station/Garage)

Dimensions: 68 ft. high, 188 ft. long, 50 ft. wide
Weight: 200 tons
Notes: Trailer deploys as a mobile field-repair facility capable of servicing up to 8 suits of power armor or two large robot vehicles or similarly-sized craft. Includes a small nuclear generator, cranes and scaffolds, comprehensive tools and large air compressors, and advanced computer diagnostic systems capable of analyzing and diagnosing Northern Gun products within 1d4 rounds and other common models in north america within 3d4 rounds (2d4% margin of error).

M.D.C. Durability:
Hoverjets (100 ea)
Main Body (500)
Side Doors (50 ea)
Side Lights (5 ea)

(2): SCC-90 Super Cargo Carrier, Empty

Dimensions: 68 ft. high, 188 ft. long, 50 ft. wide
Weight: 50 tons (empty)
Capacity: Up to 850 tons of cargo.

M.D.C. Durability:
Hoverjets (100 ea)
Main Body (500)
Side Doors (50 ea)
Side Lights (5 ea)


Place of Birth: Ishpeming (Northern Gun)
Father: Matsushiro Daisuke (MAT-su-SHEER-oh DAI-skay)
Mother: Katherine Straughan

Current Occupation: Vehicular Engineer, Freelance Military/Mercantile Transport Pilot.

Outstanding Characteristics: Technical Prowess, Organization, Pragmatism, Naievity, Rough Manners, Mildly Annoying Accent.

Matsushiro Junko is a young woman of mixed japanese and canadian descent, with the appearance of a ten-year-old girl. After her mother’s tragic death during childbirth, her father, Daisuke, raised her as best he could at his workplace in Northern Gun. Junko developed into a natural operator from a very young age, learning the trade helping her father in heavy vehicle shops and military labs. Sadly (or fatefully), she was critically injured while working under an armored personnel carrier, crushing her body from her lower face down to her upper ribcage.

The surgery to mend her body was going to be risky; touchy, including difficult central nervous system reconstruction and facial cosmetic work, and Daisuke found himself unable to meet the projected expenses well enough to promise his only child a good prognosis. Junko weathered a week in severe condition while she waited for a miracle. Thankfully, at the last minute, a mysterious neurosurgeon and cyberneticist emerged, offering to do the work pro bono, but declining to reveal her identity or even her face. Daisuke’s contacts verified this mysterious benefactor was a figure of truly remarkable reputation and skill. How could he refuse?

Junko recovered remarkably, completing her recovery somehow even stronger and more vibrant than before, though as a collateral sacrifice to survive such dramatic prosthesis around the C.N.S., her endocrine functions had to be permanently crippled so as to make sure she would not outgrow her new artificial cervical vertibrae and lower cranial rebuild. Alas, she would remain somewhat childlike in stature and proportion for the rest of her days, but her father didn’t care. He had his child and the last echo of his wife back.

Junko also received, as an unmentioned “gift” of her patron neurosurgeons brilliant work, the unexpected activation of latent psychic talents that had dwelt unawakened in the occipital seat of her lower brain; talents that surfaced mid-surgery when Junko’s unconscious mind began communicating somehow with the O.R. staff through various electronic instruments connected to her body!!

Unbeknownst to both Junko and her father, the mysterious neurosurgeon that carried out Junko’s life-saving surgery took the liberty of installing a number of tiny electronic augmentations in her brain before the surgery was complete, out of a personal, vested interest in the subject’s survival and prospects for as close to a full, normal life as possible – cybernetic devices to limit any unforseen deterioration of her mind that might result from the artificial materials used to rebuild her spinal column and skull, as well as a
psynetic chip providing her with a potent danger sense, hopefully to warn her away from any further potentially catastrophic accidents awaiting in her future.

Since those days of her youth, Junko has gone on to become not only a professional-grade mechanical engineer and robotics technician, but a gifted computer programmer. Due to her artificially suppressed endocrine functions she struggles with low energy, listlessness and occasional melancholy, to which her therapy of choice is building, tinkering with, and especially piloting large, powerful vehicles and robots with lots of horsepower. The metaphysical connection she seems capable of enjoying with such things grants her new life and verve; one can visibly see her eyes and face light up as the heads-up-displays and instruments at her fingertips light up before her. To feed her addiction for powerful machines, Junko has started taking occasionally riskier jobs than simple operator work for the additional credits she wants for custom parts and new rides.

Junko’s other hobbies include writing and playing retro-style 8 bit video games, collecting cute, up-beat music, dancing (doctor’s orders; she has to shake loose her backbones on a regular basis or the development of mineral deposits will make her back and neck progressively stiffer), and kendo. Junko keeps a matching japanese nagamaki and otanto in an ebony rack in her private space aboard her home away from home – a Northern Gun NG-HCH-2000 “Big Bertha” hovertrain. She has outfitted both blades with custom vibro-field generators, though she hopes never to have to use them for real combat.

Matsushiro "June" Junko

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